ResearchLand is a global platform that creates public conversations about the work of researchers, scholars, artists and other creative individuals. The ResearchLand team regularly scans and reviews thousands of studies in order to feature research projects and creative works that are of high intellectual quality and should inspire everyone, with the goal of reducing the gap between the knowledge base of researchers and the general public who cannot benefit from scientific publications due to cost and academic language. ResearchLand aims to elevate the public value of writers, scholars, academics and other leaders and is a free and community service oriented platform. 

ResearchLand is seeking 3 fellows for the terms of June 2021- January 2022. Fellows are appointed annually with the purpose of contributing to ResearchLand with creative programming as hosts. Mainly, we are interested in researchers, scholars, artists and intellectuals to consider creating an interview series of a minimum of 7 interviews in English (see interview guidelines) in a thematic topic of their choice, preferably in their field, that will then be featured on ResearchLand outlets, YouTube Channel, website and SM. Fellows will follow the style and concept requirement of interviews as published on ResearchLand previously. In addition, as an added optional project, fellows may choose to start an intellectual conversation about the theme that will be featured as a thematic blog series (see thematic blog guidelines) on our website. Fellows will also serve as the selection panel for ResearchLand awards. 

Fellows will receive a small honorarium ($100) in response to their contribution to the public community of intellectuals. Fellows will become a part of the fellows roundtables and join quarterly roundtable meetings with other fellows for collaboration and networking opportunities. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, submit a CV and a fellowship proposal (max 300 words) that addresses the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in contributing to ResearchLand programming as a host? What aspects of this opportunity seem interesting to you? How do your previous experiences qualify you as a public speaker to lead programming as a host? Minimum degree: Master’s 
  2. What is your thematic choice of the field/discipline/topic?  Why is this an important topic for you personally? Why is this an important topic for public conversations?
  3. How will the interview series address the topic in a creative, publicly accessible, engaging way without academic jargon and field-specific language?
  4. How will you select the intellectuals/researchers appearing in the program? What will be the selection criteria? If you have potential guests, please indicate a list of possibilities.
  5. Submit the checklist agreement acknowledging the terms and the ResearchLand disclaimer.
  6. Deadline: May 1, 2021. Submit your application narrative to