We imagine a place where research, scholarly and creative works are presented to public in bite-size, digestible pieces beyond academic journals and exclusive subscriptions. We imagine a place where people not only just write, but talk about their ideas and creations, where you see the human behind the author. We imagine a place where we make an effort to inspire our global community by making research and creative works we engage in accessible and interesting. This place is for people, public and practitioners, students, professionals, leaders, or just anyone looking for interesting ideas produced by global intellectuals going public. This is ResearchLand, where knowledge is for practice.

Have a research or creative work? Interested in contributing to ResearchLand as a guest, host of the month, or a fellow? Email researchlandus@gmail.com with your idea of a contribution and let the conversation begin.

Disclaimer: ResearchLand will always be free and open to public audiences. Any work appearing on ResearchLand can be shared or used by its author on any other avenues, while ResearchLand retains the copyright. ResearchLand will benefit the public and strive for economic justice. Half of the proceedings from this website and any ResearchLand projects will always go back to support researchers, scholars and artists in awards and grants.